6 packing mistakes to avoid while moving

While packing your household goods is the most important part of your move, it is as daunting as you would have expected it to be. However, it is not surprise at all since the moving process comes with the associated mess with so many things to take care of, although it needn’t be as daunting if you have planned it meticulously by hiring professional Movers and Packers in Doha.

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You are required to approach the entire process with a certain mindset that allows you to prepare for any packing related eventuality. Absence of such a mindset will make the situation further volatile for you all of a sudden that coerces you to make unnecessary moving errors.

Bearing in mind the total time and effort that is involved in packing all your belongings, a few mistakes are natural. However, to help you avoid any of such mistakes and make your process smooth and hassle-free, read the following mistakes to avoid on the moving day:

  1. Zero sorting

Most individuals do not check the total inventory and begin to start packing all items and want to deal with their unnecessary stuff as they come across. During such hustle, they might even forget what not to carry and tend to pack everything. This is both time and space wasting together with the increase in cost of move. You should ideally sort out all your items and prepare an inventory list that will give you an idea what to take and what to leave behind.

  • Unplanned packing

The most common packing mistake is to begin packing your belongings without defining a proper plan. It might initially give you an impression on saving time by starting packing directly without thinking and planning. This in fact will end up consuming more time from you as you will make mistakes along the way and revisit to mend them since you have not organized your packing schedule according to the types of your belongings. You should ideally create a checklist room-wise and tick off each item from the list when you begin packing according to the list.

  • Insufficient packing material

You have decided not to hire professional Packers and Mover in Qatar and do it yourself. You may run out of packing material due to two basic reasons:

  • Poor experience in moving
  • Expensive packing material

The inventory list that you create will give you the total volume and subsequently an idea about the total packing material used. You should also think about collecting used carton boxes from friends who would have used or neighboring grocery stores. The only packing material you should buy is the bubble wraps and the nylon film to protect your goods in transit.

  • Poor knowledge to pack fragile items

Your fragile items are your prized possessions but you fail to take proper care due to oversight during the hustle of packing the stuff. Some of your fragile items require special packing to ensure safety during transit. You must ensure they are packed with sufficient soft paper, bubble wraps and nylon film wraps for extra protection.

  • Forget Essentials box

You would need essential items at all times during the packing process and you forget to set aside an essentials box to scramble for things at the last minute. You should ideally make an essentials box that includes toiletries, snacks, drinks and tissue-paper. This box should also contain a smaller first-aid box for medicine and plaster. If possible, also keep extra clothes for an emergency change.

  • Last minute packing

The biggest mistake perhaps is to wait until the last minute to pack your stuff. You tend to postpone the packing until the last minute due to its overwhelming nature. This situation would bring you enormous amount of stress to complete things within the given time. Refer to point number 2 where you should ideally plan your packing and do things in advance bit by bit each day over a period of a week to complete the job in time to save you the last minute hassles.

When you are prepared, you obviously minimize stress. Approach your move with a clear plan to avoid packing mistakes that will further make it stressful. Once you are successful in implementing your packing plan, you will find your move just breeze through.