How much does it cost to hire movers?

Hiring professional Movers and Packers in Qatar can be both affordable and expensive which depends upon the type of movers you want to hire. There are three types of moving services in Qatar:

  1. Full-service premium moving services
  2. Regular moving services that provides packing to important goods, may not for all
  3. Basic moving services that provides just loading/transporting/unloading service
Relocation services in Qatar

While your total volume and distance are the major criteria, there are also a few important things to consider arriving at the total moving cost – heave furniture, fragile goods, plants and the handyman services should you need your mover to perform.

But before you could ask for the rate estimates for the moving services in Doha, you should be aware about the pertinent questions you must ask the mover:

  • A valid license to operate in the state of Qatar
  • Do they maintain a standard tariff sheet
  • What is their total number of experience in rendering moving services in Qatar
  • Do they have trained labor to carry out the household moving services or do they operate with adhoc labor
  • Check whether the moving company performs the move by themselves or is a third party consultant
  • What different kinds of documents they maintain. They should ideally have the following:
  • Standard operating procedure
  • Rate estimate
  • A lorry receipt
  • Inventory list
  • Delivery document
  • Invoice copy in three – original plus two duplicates

As a first step to determine the total moving cost, you must ask the shortlisted movers to conduct a physical survey of your household goods to measure the total volume of your goods that must clearly categorize your belongings into different types – heavy, fragile, appliances, accessories and plants. The inventory survey gives them a clear understanding on the packing material to be used and the manpower to be deployed.

Your total inventory measured in terms of cubic feet/cubic meters plus the total distance that includes full-service with the first and last mile are the components of costing. These components will primarily feature on the written agreement in the form of Rate Estimate that guarantees the total cost of the move without any hidden cost.

Have a look at some sample moving costs:

  • Single bedroom apartment will typically have 250-400 cubic feet volume and might cost you anywhere around QR 300-400 to move within Doha
  • 2 bedroom apartment will typically contain 400-700 cubic feet volume and may cost you between QR 400-700 within Doha
  • 3 bedroom apartment typically contains 700-1000 cubic feet volume and may cost you between QR 700-1100 within Doha
  • 4 bedrooms apartments and large homes may contain any volume above 1200 cubic feet and will cost you upwards QR 1400 for the move within Doha

You will most definitely find cheaper moving services that may only offer you basic services that are typically found in the furniture market predominantly offered by the Bengalis and Pathans. They offer non-binding rate estimates based on the total number of goods you explain verbally. They don’t offer physical survey services and may give you an approximate cost on your verbal communication that might increase drastically on the actual moving date due to the increase in the number of goods that you might have forgotten while negotiating.

Will I be able to negotiate with the movers?

Of course you can negotiate with the movers considering the higher overhead costs they may apply. They may also offer discounts on their services during the non-peak days which are typically Sunday to Wednesday when the movement is lesser due to the peak working days in the week. The best trick you can use is to compare rate estimates from up to 5 moving companies and show the best quote to the mover of your choice to negotiate for a lesser estimate by trying to outbid other movers you have asked for the estimates. 

You should be flexible about your moving dates and avoid the peak days in Qatar to manage your moving budget within your limits. Moving is a vigorous activity which can be managed easily by hiring professional Movers and Packers in Doha. You must consider your total volume before deciding on the type of mover you may want to hire. You must also consider your health as a major option and hire experts to relieve you off the entire moving stress.