Moving out first time in Qatar? Here are the tips to consider

Any task taken up for the first time seems intimidating. More so if you are an expat in Qatar and moving relocating home for the first time after spending a few years comfortable in the present home. Not only the emotional quotient of moving away from your old neighborhood and friends, but also cost implications for moving. You must be prepared emotionally, financially and physically to make your first relocation.

Movers and Packers in Doha

For a successful first move, follow these 6 tips to make it a memorable experience. Equipped with the professional tips, you will be more than prepared on what to expect and execute when moving first time within Qatar:

  1. Assess your finances

Moving out will drain you financially if you have not planned for it. Your financial condition will help you decide whether you need to hire professional Packers and Movers or you would be satisfied doing it yourself.

  • Living as an expat, you would certainly track your salary and determine what your monthly expenses are in terms of house lease, groceries, utility bills, car payments and so on.
  • Always plan ahead your moving budget if you are not moving overnight, in which case you might just have to borrow finances if you are running short. Get a moving quote from 3 different movers to determine the best for your budget.
  • If the quote far exceeds your moving budget, consider a do-it-yourself move by hiring truck and manpower from the truck stand at the furniture market in Doha.
  • Look for a suitable new home

If you have time at hand, you must spend some time for looking out for a new home that is most suitable to your budget and prospective neighborhood for you and for the family, especially kids. This might take some time in Qatar but will definitely be worth the time spent.

  • Check with your friends and colleagues and place a request in your social pages like Facebook to steer clear from the brokers to avoid the payment for commissions.
  • You can also place an ad in Qatarliving and propertyfinder in Qatar for free. These are the best sites to get you the most suitable home in Qatar
  • While scouting for a suitable place, you must choose a location that is either closer to your office or to the kids’ school.
  • Ensure the new place is safe with all security and help in place.
  • Hire professional movers

Professional Movers and Packers in Qatar will provide you hassle free service to ease out your first time move that is already giving you enough headaches. Hiring professionals will give you enough time to worry about other small details to take care of like uninstalling and installing utility services from your old home to the new one. By going to platforms like MovingNow, you can factor expenses in advance and save time and energy in choosing the right moving service for your current needs. Hiring movers from such platforms will enable to stay on top of your finances and time by getting a good deal that suits your budget.

  • Prepare a schedule

Living in the cozy home all this while may not give you an idea of the total inventory you may have, what is the time schedule of cleaning your bathroom, how often do your give for laundry or do it yourself or kitchen maintenance. This is the right time to look back upon such mundane activities to help you take things in your command.

  • Create an inventory to list down the total household stuff you have. This is the time to unclutter and discard the items that are damaged or you don’t use any longer.
  • Create a list of all the chores that you can take up immediately after moving in to your new home. This will clear all the misunderstandings between family members about the frequency of such chores
  • Make a dedicated time-table on a particular wall in the new home about the full schedule for the month and revise it each month on additions and deletions.
  • Take help from friends and family

Your friends would have likely experienced the move earlier and are the best people to help you understand what to expect from your very first move. You can take tips from them about the moving expenses and how so budget yourself. You neighbors can have some thoughts for you to help you cope up before moving out. While they are probably going to miss you around, you should take extra care to make them feel good when you are moving out of this neighborhood by inviting them over to your new home.

Moving out first time accompanies different emotions like excitement, anger and fear. You are going to deal with a new landlord, new neighbors and a completely new environment. With a little focus and some guidance from the people who have done it earlier, it will not remain as intimidating as it may seem. Happy moving!