How to move a car out of Qatar

If you are moving out of Qatar to a GCC country in particular or out of GCC, one thing that is basic is only to the Left Hand Drive countries you can ship your car to out of GCC countries. It may be an expensive option, although economical than buying a new car at your next destination.

Movers in Qatar

You connect with International Movers in Qatar or go through the following process if you prefer to do it yourself:

  1. Complete the export paper work at the traffic department
  2. Contact your car dealer for the shipping documents to export it out of Qatar
  3. Contact the harbor or a shipping company with the above mentioned documents and finalize the transaction.

This process will help you save time and energy in terms of paying up taxes in the GCC countries. You are however liable to pay up the taxes in other countries outside GCC.

 Otherwise, to help you find out the process and how much it will cost you to ship your car out of Qatar and what exactly you must follow to make sure you are on the right track, you first need to check for the details with the traffic department on their website. After which you should ideally connect with the Car Shippers in Qatar to take you through the entire process without much stress.

You should also check with the International Movers and Packers in Qatar for shipping your car out of Qatar. They would be more than happy to help you ship your car stress free since international shipment to them is a big ticket inquiry they will certainly not like to lose. The rates are determined by size, class, weight and the destination. While most quotes are available online, there may be a few cars that may require manual intervention to determine the total cost of shipment.

We have given the list of approximate costs below to make it handy for you:

CountryServiceCost (QAR)Recommendation
Saudi ArabiaDoor to door by Road9,000 – 11,000As mentioned above, shipping within GCC is not a difficult task. All the taxes are taken care of at the country of origin.
OmanDoor to door by Road7,000 – 8,000Again a GCC destination with easy documentation. But Oman comes with a rider – thatyour car will not be allowed into the country if it is older than 5 years.
BahrainDoor to door by Road6,000 – 7,000Conditions similar to Oman
UAEBy road6,000Similar conditions as Saudi.
KuwaitDoor to door by Road6,000 – 7,000Restricted for Kuwaiti nationals
PhilippinesN/AN/AExpensive to ship car into the Philippines. Cost might exceed the total cost of the car.
IndiaN/AN/ANot recommended. India is a Right Hand Drive country.
PakistanN/AN/AExpensive to ship car into Pakistan. Cost might exceed the total cost of the car.
United StatesDoor to Door20,000 – 22,000USA has stringent vehicle specifications. Only those cars can be exported to the US that confirm to the guidelines.
EnglandN/A12,000Not recommended. England is a Right Hand Drive country.
European CountriesDoor to door10,000 – 18,000Prices may vary from door-to-door, port-to-door, door-to-port and port-to-port.

You must prepare your car before shipping it. Most Car Carriers have specific rules and regulations and most suggest leaving the car empty. You must however check with the car shipper to know what they allow inside the car, particularly on how much fuel is allowed to remain in the car.

Also purchase transit insurance to cover the cost of the car for the transit time on the ocean. While your car is already insured, you may need to check with them if it is valid for International transit from Qatar to a different destination. The carrier will have the insurance covered in the invoice but not equal to the cost of your car. You can check with the shipper to know the difference and buy an additional cover.

Since there is a whole lot of confusion with regards to various costing like port handling charges and terminal fee, you are advised to contact platforms like MovingNow to gain the complete knowledge about shipping cars internationally out of Qatar.